Vf1000f from Amsterdam - Holland

An F2 shock will fit but requires a 2mm spacer each side of the top pivot.It is 10mm longer than the standard shock and will raise the rear end nicely
regards Bif

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Awesome, I got that shock aswel. Do you have some visuals? As in the 2mm spacer? Then I know what I must make or buy :grin:

This bike looks like having spent much time near north sea at the coast … How does the gas tank looks like from inside?

Last year I was looking for a VFR400R (NC24). They are very rare in Germany so I looked in the Netherlands. I found one that was looking good from the pics, but as I saw it the result was clear: Even if I get it for free it was too expensive. It looked liked beeing parked at North sea beech for 10 years.

My advice would be, get your bike running as cheap as possible. Work on the brakes (safety). And ride for at least 1000 km. If it runs o.k. you can spent money.


The spacer is welded inside to the frame (red circle) where the upper bolt of the rear Suspension (blue circle) is mounted. From my knowledge these spacers are welded on every frame (F, F2 + R) for manufacturing year 85/86. In 84 they don’t have these.

Bikes with longer swing arm (F2?) have 5mm shorter shocks. If you want to replace it later with new one be aware of that.

The first letters of your frame number can help on determing the build year. It should something like SC15JH2?M…


I have used 2 standard washers one either side of the top bush.I can confirm the FF/F2F shock is 10mm longer than the FE
Regards Bif

I’ve found a good replacement shock, for €60 on ebay in Holland. 3 hour round trip but I made it.

It’s in and its working as I wanted; not new but I don’t have the option to buy new.

Thanks for all the great advice.


What a day :grin::scream::man_facepalming:t2:

It´s been quit journey so far. Last week i´ve flushed the water system a few times.

Today I drove the motorbike to work. 150KM and started to check the water in the radiator. It was fully rusty but no oil! So I am happy. When I bought the bike it did not had any coolant and today I found out why it had no coolant.

Coolant project:
Today I’ve flushed it; 8 times. (5x water + 2 times water and additives to clean the radiator/hoses) + 1 time filling up with new coolant.

Everything put together, and a small test drive to wash the motor, the water flushes made it dirty! After cleaning with the pressure hose, it seems that I have hit something on the radiator that must have been repaired some time back in the day, I got a small hole in my radiator. I only found out while driving back.

This is how it looked after the wash:

The first Flush:

After 4 flushes, still very rusty water:

After all the above steps, i’ve put in the new coolant:

I’ve done some small visual updates, Whitner on the tire letters:

Here’s the hole:

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The hole is quiet big:
20190526_120253 Uploading: 20190526_103026.jpg…

And there we go, flexible ALLOY, has done the trick:

There we go!:
20190526_144833 Uploading: 20190526_143310.jpg…

Already drove 50KM (HARD) with it, and it seems to hold so far :slight_smile:

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