Vf1000f from Amsterdam - Holland

Hello everyone!

Cyriel is my name and tonight I bought a Honda VF1000F from my neighbor.

It does not run but gets 12V, Dash turns on and when I use the starter button the relais relais clicks and goes crazy. It seems like a short.

I’ve been troubleshooting for the last 4 hours and it turns out that the starter motor gets 12V but even on the wrong side! I’ve taken it apart and it seems that it was super dirty and not in great inside shape.

After rebuilding the Startmotor it still has issues. I’ll have to buy another one, any suggestions?

As you can see in the last photo, I’m missing a part that hold the brush on its place. Not sure if this gives the short?


20190424_224925 !

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Welcome to the forum Cyriel,rebuild kits are available on eBay for your starter but we have found it better to replace the starter with one from a VF750f which has 4 brushes rather than 2.
Caltic in the US supply them at a very reasonable price.
You can find them on eBay.com
Best regards Bif

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Great info thank you. I am not able to find their eBay shop. Do you maybe have a link? Maybe it’s because of the IP from Holland?.

And just to be sure, haha you would know but: it seems that the 750 starter motor has a smaller fit in the gearbox?

I see different mounts on the 750 one?


Here is a brand new one in the U.K.
Item no.333061175462
A bargain at the price,Johnboy has just fitted one on his Boldor


Thank you!

Last 4 hours I’ve tried to repair the one I have now but it is still making a short.

Can’t find it… renewed and isolated some old wires but still no luck. I’ll buy another one.


20190425_213457 20190424_224925 20190425_204459 20190425_213501 20190425_204646 20190424_204227 20190425_204202 20190425_215305 20190425_221201 20190424_224929


I would just go for the vf750 starter, there are usually loads on ebay, I had the same problem and got fed up of taking it out, they are reasonably priced and easy to to replace. Give yourself more time to do other jobs and just buy one instead of spending hours trying to fix up a knackered one.
The bike looks very nice and will look great when you spend more time cleaning and polishing instead of getting frustrated with that starter.


Thank you for your post. I am on a budget but I do have time after work hehe… So I really like finding stuff out and try.

I’ve just bought the startermotor that BIF told me to get. It’s the one from eBay! €85,- incl. Shipping to Amsterdam.

So! What’s next.

I see it’s an USA model? Because my front blinkers are always on. Interesting we don’t have that here in Europe. :slight_smile: they were not connected, I assume the old owner did not like the USA blinkers option. The rear ones have self made wires and aren’t permanently on yet, will look later :smile:


I’ve been busy tonight to see if I can repair the front body panels. They have had a tough life.

If I am correct it’s not original to have a black windscreen. But I’ve done something else to it tonight.
It was looking cheap.

-I bought wrinkle paint
-Took the windscreen off
-Sanded it down with 600 grid water based

  • 2 thick layers of wrinkle paint
  • put the screen at 110°celcius in the oven and wait 6 minutes.


Then I got the front logo: HONDA, painted it silver put tape on the letters, sprayed it black and took the tape off;


20190428_010324 20190428_010430


Hmmmmm this is les Nice news!
I am taking out the coolant drain plug in the bottom left of the frame.

Looks very oily


I can’t start the motor yet in this state without startermotor.

This is the 3rd water flush! Starting to get better :slight_smile:


YouTube is often my only teacher.

In the meantime, i am inspired by this guy:

Then I did it myself.

20190428_153625 20190428_154210

This is totally going to work!

Old Vs new:


20190506_132616 20190506_132614

The new 750f startermotor works perfectly fine on my bf 1000f
Great hint guys, thanks.


Never believe the old owner. He told me carbs and sparkplugs are done. But none was. True. Well… he changed the two easy sparkplugs… for now I’ve taken them out and cleaned them… Much difference but I still have an issue with the RPM’s.

20190506_203100 20190506_203110

It does start by itself. Only on brake cleaner. And I don’t want to be using this too often!

Will take the carburators off soon

Did your neighbour lived in Westkapelle, Renesse or Zandvoort before?

Do you have the issues only with cold engine? Is the choke working? Sounds like somethings with the fuel system / carbs. Be aware of needing new carb isolater rubbers to get them on again.

. If you got that working, focus on the brakes :wink:



Bunschoten indeed! We had a call today!
Taking the carburators off. The idle jest are completely stuck!


20190510_204232 20190510_204236 20190510_204719 20190510_204908 Screenshot_20190510-205350_WhatsApp


Some other photos of the project.
Idle jets were super dirty, they are brand new from 70 degrees and dasty. Great cleaning stuff.

The ultrasonic cleaner did not do its job. The above method worked better.

20190510_220031 20190510_220034 20190510_221232 20190510_215518 20190511_000032 20190510_224131 20190510_230852 20190510_221600

Hi all!

So I’ve done a lot of work this week.

  • build the carburators back. Had a great instruction on a trick with the inlet boots and only took me 20 minutes.

After messing around a bit it starts perfect.

Further, I’ve driven 12 kilometers test-drive and my rear shock went down… As in down… Down to the bottom :scream::scream:. So Raymond helped me out, as he had 2 shocks for me. Cleaned, swapped some parts over and fitted the 750 one… And damn! This doesn’t look very good. Not sure what is happening but the link system is working fine, but the shock downs spring out…

The vf 1000f II Shock doesn’t fit as the air nipple is on the cilinder head. Not sure how to solve this issue yet.

See first photo :joy::scream:

20190512_190252 20190512_182719 20190512_184527 20190512_183731