VF1000F front brake disc spacing

Hello all,

I’m not a VF-owner but a CX500E owner looking to upgrade my forks; the handlebar mounts on the CX are shaped into the top clamp which is fugly when you go for clipons and the 41 mm fork legs will be a bonus too. USD forks are pretty, but waaaaay out of my budget.

I’m figuring out whether a VF1000F front-end will work. I already know the front axle diameters, steering head bearings and the brake disc diameters are the same, and what I’m now trying to figure out is the distance between the front rotors, measured either on the outsides or between the discs.

I hope someone can help me out!

Mine measures 130mm over the discs.Allow a little for wear,although my discs are fairly new.
Regards Bif

Wow! In theory that means that a VF1000F front-end would be just a perfect upgrade for my CX Eurosport while maintaining my original front wheel; axle diameter for both is 15mm, brake disc diameter for both is 276mm and as it turns out the spacing between them is exactly the same as well with 130mm with 5mm discs.

Thank you very much for the fast reply! I’ll go ahead and take the plunge ordering my new front-end :slight_smile: