VF1000F Interceptor 1984 Solo Seat Cowl Part Number

Hello everyone. Thanks for accepting me.
I just bought a nice VF100F 84 this week from the original owner and I am looking for a solo seat cowl. If anyone can help, that would be great.
I am also looking for the part number for the solo seat cowl? I cant seem to find it in parts catalogue.
Can any one help please?

I have the solo seat cowl but not the parts to attach it. Have been searching for years to find those parts.

Hello David
Is there a place where we can see those parts and parts numbers?
By the way, would you sell it?

Hi back and my apologies for the delay in reply as I’m presently on the road back east. Yes, I would sell it as I’ve had it for many years now and am not likely to use it. As I said, I don’t have the hardware to properly attach it and frankly have limited idea of how it was done.

Hello David, I am interested in buying it. How much do you want for it?