VF1000F Looking for or source for Carb part

Hi folks, I have a torn carb Diaphragm, Honda p/n description is #14 16112-MB6-881 piston vacuum

Seem to be a used ones available for many of the other VFs but not the 1000F.

Anyone have ones for sale or have a source?

Walter (USA)

Try NRP carburettors in the UK,
new diaphram fitted to your piston for £35.00
Regards Bif

Hey Walter ,

I probably have one for you used but nice condition from a set of VF1000R carbs I have cannabilised for parts . I believe its a fit . $40 US only , and I am in Canada so much closer than getting it from UK . PM me if you want pics/details and I will send you my proper e-mail address . Thsanks .

Hi there do you have carbs for vf1000? Thanx

Sorry for the very late response, and thanks for the reply Ron. I was able to source what I needed from a fellow in Texas - a specialist in V4 carbs. Billy C's more or less complete price list NO LONGER IN BUSINESS

I sent him a pretty gunked up set of carbs and rack, here’s an example of the worst one (the one with the torn diaphragm)

Here’s what I got back after a “mega”