VF1000F- more photos

46 Just jump start it and it always goes - sweet. I have owned it for nearly 30yrs fully serviced but don’t ride anymore. Should I do anything re fluids if I am not starting it like I used too?? Battery is not connected.

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If you do not ride it anymore you should donate it to me :wink:

Seriously though I would replace brake fluid if I would ride it as it accumulates water from the air and loses its properties after couple years. Engine oil also gets old. I ride my bike so I replace it even 3 times a season but rule of thumb says at least once per year.

Keep battery on trickle charger, it will last longer.

Thanks but I will probably keep it.
Fluids, if it is just sitting then no need to change anything. You don’t actually drain coolant, oil, petrol etc just leave it as is? is that correct?

As far as I know petrol just goes bad after a while and can damage the fuel system after a year of sitting. It contains ethanol which is the issue here. Long term if you do not run it over a year I would drain it dry.

Same for coolant, I would drain it completely as it comes in reaction with radiator. One of my bikes is sitting for over a year, coolant started to change color (you reminded me of this matter :),) already cause I failed to drain it.

If you run the bike once a year to operating temp all should be fine with all the fluids. Just burn the old petrol and replace it.