VF1000F Oil pump drive chain slack

Can anybody tell me how much slack should there be on the oil pump drive chain,mine seems quite slack.
Thanks Dave.

They are quite slack, I’ve just changed mine when doing an engine refurb and even the new one isn’t that tight. It’s always surprised me that there is no tensioner considering it runs both oil and water pump. New one costs about £40 so it depends on your budget if you change it.


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Hi gary
Thanks for that in the manuals the chain looks a bit slack,just trying to determine how much is acceptable.

This is a new chain i fitted not much different to the old one slack wise

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I an holding the chain out to the right with a small screwdriver under the clutch gear

Thanks Tom … Picture say a 1000 words :+1:

thankyou tom i will check mine to your picture.

Hi Gary, can you change the chain while engine in frame? Does the oil pump chain split? Thanks for your help Fry

Hi fry, yes you can change chain with engine in frame. Drain the oil, remove clutch case and clutch and the sprockets are behind the clutch. The chain does not split but the sprocket comes off easily allowing you to fit chain.

Thanks Gary I may do this as the chain seems quite slack with no obvious tensioner.