Vf1000f rear seat cowl

Looking for rear seat cowl for my 84 1000f
Willing to pay top coin

Is this the single seat cowl you are looking for or the original tailpiece?

Can’t see the picture
I’m looking for the rear cowl tail cone that attached to the rear of bike, had a lock and a rear seat back. Willing to pay too dollar for working good condition part

My pic shows my original vf1000f with the two items I’m looking for
The rear tail cone
The full fairing
I recently purchased an 84 vf1000f and would like to find those two add ins. If anyone is willing to part with them I’m willing to pay top dollar.

what country are you in?
I will have the rear tail section.
Do you want any specific colour or will any colour do?
Hopefully you are in Aust.

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Hello John
Yes I’d like to purchase the tail cowl you have. I’d prefer the one pictured on your bike white with red stripes, but would consider any color as long as it’s in decent shape. Do you have hardware key and lock with it? I’m in USA let me know how you want to do this.
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Sorry Frank. I only have the stock plastics available. Not the aftermarket? or additional fittings. And I would prefer to sell to Australian market unless it is absolutely necessary to have.

Hi Jovimill,
did you end up selling your tail cowl?
I`m in Canberra.

Hey Speedy,
Sorry, for some reason I missed your question on the tail piece.
If you’re still looking, I have got one for sure, let me know what colour and I can look what I got.

Yes need the white tail one on the seat for vfr100f 1984 interceptor. If you have one email me aabikerpilot@gmail.com
Frank Rose

Hi @Jovimill, sorry, have just seen your reply.
I was looking for one to fit on my 85 FF silver and blue.
The infection has taken hold bad. On the way down here I checked out another R, and bought it.
This latest RE is almost complete, but in bits. It was pulled down at least 15 years ago with only 31000 on the clock. I’ll get it back home after travelling, but reckon I’ve now got a bit of work ahead of me.
Not sure where you are or what you’d like for the cowl, give me a text if you’re still interested in moving it on 0428 298 994

Hi Speedy,
I do not have a spare tail piece for a silver 85 FF but would a red tail piece from an 85 Bol-dor suit you? I have all three pieces. I will check the parts book and see if they are the same. You can choose what you want. Let me know and I can dig it out and send photos. From memory it was in pretty good nick. I am in S.A.

Thanks John,
Yes I’m pretty sure the FF and F2 seats are interchangeable.
I’m currently travelling in Tassie but will check posts, of you can email me at greg.potts03@gmail.com