VF1000F Suspension ‘Bouncy’

My VF felt like it was going to bounce me off of it yesterday when I rode over a washboard bumpy section of asphalt. The steering also felt very sloppy because it felt as if the weight of the motorcycle wasn’t maintained on the front wheel. I attribute that mainly to the bumpy ground although wide open throttle was a contributing factor. The conditions were clear, dry and hot. The was a fairy heavy wind from the west and I was riding north. It has brand new BT45 tires on it of stock size and because I’m new to the bike I inflated them to Honda’s recommendation. The suspension is stock. The steering head bearings are new All Balls tapered roller bearings and the fork seals have recently been changed with the all balls seals. The fork oil is a 10W Motul fork oil and it is exactly at the level that Honda recommends. My other bike is a CBR1000RR and it handles that same section of road very well. The VF was almost hard to keep control of. The front forks were about mid way in their inflation range. I think the top adjuster on the forks were on 1 and the bottom on 2. The cable for the stock rear shock was all the way in and it was inflated about mid way in it’s range. Just feeling the bike out at the moment and trying to make it a nice riding street machine that likes some bumps. I’m about 200lbs (91KG). Any suggestions for suspension tuning are appreciated.


I found out the problem with the bike. The rear suspension is sticking and won’t rebound quickly. I’ll take it all apart this weekend and inspect the linkages and shock. Does anyone know of a good alternate shock if the shock is bad?

We have fitted Wilbers units to our Bol and R,both from Zietec in Germany.
The shocks were built to suit our weight and riding style and so far have been fit and forget.
These are far superior to the standard shock and at just over £400 a sound investment
Regards Bif