VF1000F Tires/tyres

I need to order tires for my recently acquired VF1000F.

When I had my previous one (sold over 10 years ago) I ran (and liked) Metzler ME33 fronts and ME55 rears.

It looks like the Metzler LaserTec Bias Sport Touring tires are the replacements for them.

Still a good choice, or recommendation for alternative brand/model?

I’m most interested in dry grip, secondarily wet grip, and not too concerned about wear.


I’ve had good results from michelin mac50’s which have now been replaced by the pilot activ.
I have a set of the new tyres fitted to my present project BolDor but as yet haven’t tried them,if the manufacturer is to be believed I expect them to be fantastic.
Not cheap,it actually is cheaper to put boots on the blackbird,but as an update on an already fantastic tyre I think it worth the money.
Tyre choice is very subjective but these are my own findings,regards Bif.