VF1000F2 carbie synchronizing

I’m after some advice on carbie synchronizing on my F2. I can easily get to the adjusting screws for No 1 and 3 by laying on the floor and fitting the Honda special tool from the left side of the bike, but I’m at a loss to see how to get that tool or any other tool onto the No.2 adjusting screw. Is there a special Honda secret manoeuvre to enact to get to the No.2 screw. All advice appreciated.

Thanks Jim

Reaching No.2 Carb Sync screw is always a challenge.
Synchronization cannot be done online, like 3&4 carbs.
Screw can be reached by twisting the throttle to access the screw and by the use of a swivel joint lug nut attached to straight handle.
After you get the bike warmed up, turn off the engine. Twist throttle slowly until screw becomes reachable and turn turn the screw with the tool start engine and check result. Repeat the procedure until you reach satisfactory result.
Good luck and lots of patience.

Photo of tool I am using, which is good for all carb. sync screws.

Carb Tool


Thanks Ahmet, I’ll pick up the 1/4" swivel and have a go on the weekend, I’ll let you know how it went. I appreciate the advice.
Cheers Jim

Hi Ahmet, couldn’t get your tool to work however the Honda tool did work with your suggestion of stopping the bike and setting the position of No2 by twisting the throttle then restarting until balance was achieved. The Honda tool worked on No1 and No3 as it should. So thank you for your tip about stopping and holding the throttle open to adjust the No2 synchronizing screw. BTW on No2 I used the Honda tool from the left side of the bike.
Thanks and regards, Jim

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