VF1000F2 Front forks problem

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First time posting so please be gentle.
I have a problem with the front forks,(VF1000F2) where by if I hit a small but sudden dip/bump, they “lock up” solid. If I perform a hard braking exercise, they seem fine, taking up most, if not nearly all of the front fork travel, smoothly and progressively. I have had new seals fitted, and there is no leakage. Can anyone offer any advice, as to what to look for? I am suspecting something to do with the anti-dive valve or something in that area. Thought and suggestions are welcome please.

Many thanks

What grade oil are you using?
What quantities of oil are you putting in each leg?
When did this problem start,ie before or after new seals were fitted?
Hope you dont mind the questions as they may help to pinpoint the problem or at least eliminate some possibles.
Regards BIF

Sounds strange, have done exactly same things with my F2 forks, and they work perfectly. Of coures I cleaned everythng, and used right amount of ATF. But, had this kind of problem when overfilled Sabre’s front fork: almost solid on fast pumps, operating normally when braking.


at first sorry, i don´t understand english very good, i´m from germany, but i wan´t to write something about front Suspension.

if you don´t have progressive Wiechers Springs at Front please change.

i have this springs on my bike, with an Telefix, it´s soo much better i don´t think that before.

The Anti Dive just work on hard braking, it´s easy to disassembly, but not many things they can “not work”

With the Telefix it´s very much better to brake at front in curves, it´s very expensive, but best fitting i know. No Problems with Brake hoses.

very good Setup, tested on “Stilfser Joch” (Itali near Switzerland) with two Persons

Hi Gents,

Thank you all very much for the replies.
I hope to have some time this week end to have another (proper) look and get back to you. I know when the front fork seals were changed, that the volume of oil would have been what was in the workshop manual. I will look it up and get back to you all.

Thanks John

The valve in the antidive was all gunged up. It has now been cleaned out and I am about to fill it up with fork oil and put the bike back together. According to my manual the left hand fork requires 400 cubic centimetres of oil, is this correct?
Many thanks John

Yep, 400cc left leg, 380cc right leg. Don’t forget to check the air gap above the oil in the forks(with springs removed and forks compressed). A much better measure than cc of oil, as there is always a little old oil left in the legs to catch you out, unless completely stripped. After filling with oil, stroke the forks in and out several times to distribute the oil through the damper orifices, let it settle, then measure the air gap from the top of the fork tube to the oil level. Should be 230mm or 9 inches for each leg. I use a syringe with some tube attached, set exactly the right depth. I slightly overfill each leg, then use the syring to remove exactly the right amount to leave each side matched exactly.

Hi All,

Many thanks for all your comments. I have now had a short ride (~50 miles), and there is no sign of the problem. So it looks like it was the antidive fork all gunged up in the first place. Once again many thanks to all.

hi guys i was just wondering what the best grade and type of oil i should use in my forks on 84vf1000f any and all info is appreciated

Hi Greg, what part of aus are in you in mate, I’m in bundy. Anyway the standard grade auto trans(hydraulic)oil is probably the best I’ve used, the issue with the fork oil I found is that it’s too thin for the vintage of your forks.