VF1000f2f Bol'dor

Picked up an absolute beauty of a Bol’dor last night.I have 3 1000’s in my stable now to go with the two 500’s.

I will stick some pic’s up tonight.

Hi Crooky,
would that be the one that went for £99 on ebay… outbid at last minute … damn

No mate,
I paid a fair bit more than that on a buy it now.Red one it is.

Still rebuilding my f2 when parts and funds are available, the two never seem to coincide!
Look foward to seeing photos.

Been out today for a proper ride on the Bold’or.
It needs new tyres,fork seals as leaking very very slightly and a new rear shock wouldn’t go a miss as it has no damping left at all.

Put some air in the rear shock last night and rode to work this morning and this has helped the road holding quite drastically,Its like a different bike.It had 20psi in and i put it up to the maximum at 43psi.
The rear shock is still 25yrs old and way past its best but the bike does not feel like the frame has been hacksawed half way through now.I think now just some new rubber and we will see the summer out.Fork seals have stopped leaking so i think the previous owner must have oiled the stantions to prevent corrosion whilst the bike was off the road.
Its a lovely bike to ride with a perfect motor.