VF1000F2F exhaust collector box

Hi Folks

This is my first post. I have owned and ridden VF’s for some years, moving from my much loved VF750F to my current daily ride, a VF1000F2F 1985. No doubt like many, my exhaust collector box was badly corroded so I removed and also cut it away and was lucky enough to buy a second hand part off ebay. The part was for a VF1000F. I cleaned it up, repainted it and then when I went to fit it doesn’t. It seems to be fouling against the the underside and the main stand fouls on it too. Is the exhaust collector box for an F2F Boldor a different size? Can anyone point me toward another option for my ol girl?

Look forward to hearing from you.

ps…if anyone knows Brett Smith (Smithy) from Campbelltown NSW I would love to get in contact with him and thank him again for all the amazing help he gave me in the past.

Arthur (Canberra Australia)

pss…I found a pic of a collector on another post. The one I have has a bulbous section behind the rear header intakes and between the exhaust outlets…this is the part that fouled on the main stand. The one I have also looks a bit bigger than the one in the attached pic.

Just another note - it does seem I have obtained a VF1000R collector box and think this is why it won’t fit my F2F

Hi… yes the vf1000r collector boxes are different from the f’s… the exhaust outlets also turn upwards at a greater angle so you wouldn’t be able to fit standard ff silencers…

I know that these guys are wrecking an '85 F2 https://www.southwestmotorcyclewreckers.com/ Don’t know if they have a collector though. Ask for Sonny.

Thanks to all…I was able to source an aftermarket collector box from a motorcycle wrecker in ACT, Joe’s Motorcycles at a reasonable price. Now all sorted.



do you still have this collector box, if so do you want to part with it

Hi Trev

Sorry mate I sold it on. I do believe however Joe’s Motorcycles in Fyshwick ACT may have one. I am pretty sure they mentioned they did when I was getting my collector box sorted for my F2.



Hi Trev,
SouthWest Motorcycle Wreckers near Liverpool have one on their website for $120. I was enquiring today about F2 parts which they didn`t have, but a guy called Frank tried to sell me an incomplete 85 F for 500 bucks.

good luck with the search!

Thanks Guys, will check them out, I am starting to look for parts for my '84 VF1000R, for a resto,any info on parts in the land of OZ would be awesome.