vf1000fe 1984 rear showa shock replacement

because i am still building a recording studio on a shoestring budget i have been too busy lately
finally sorted my petrol leak today,removed the carbs and replaced the two o rings between the fuel T peace on the left two carbs.
they were very loose and i fitted new petrol pipe.
my brother gave me a genuine fuel pump so
that’s going on with a new filter as well

but taking off the bike my showa rear shock does not move so i think its DEAD :frowning:
Anyone got a used but serviceable one please Moneys real tight as i am trying to get her on the road this year as i want to use her as she is fun to ride and gets plenty of looks

got a yss shock from fox racing and he is going to fit a large spring for my bulk
updates to follow when it arrives soon paid £255 free post
thought no point putting on another old one a new one is preferred so i charged it to my clubcard credit card as it was empty :slight_smile:

watch this space

fitted YSS shock sweet

Got to be great value for money windy,let us know how how she rides

I will definitely post a review first impressions like the speed it reacts and its red to match the bike but you cant see it dam need some see through side panels

Is this starter the one for the VF1000fe 1984 as my one is now running slower so its time to replace from USA seller

eBay item number:

great looking shock windy, and yep thats the starter that fits the vf1000fe and ff

will have to order one that’s a cheap price 8)

Hi, question about your yss shock. What year is your VF? I want to fit a yss to my 1984 F, but it seems to short on the bottom side:

The spring hits the swingarm. No chance to fit the shock. Any idea?


Maybe you can unscrew the lower fitting up to 1 cm? (keep in mind that it’ll add 3 cm to the seat height!)
Meanwhile, I must say that, in the french V4 H80 club, the french VF club, we consider YSS shocks as very inferior replacement parts, Wilber, EMC, Fournales, White Power, Ohlins or even Hagon being a better choice although a tad more expensive!..

to wide spring ?
my yss shock missed everything
if the battery trey is bent it can catch that

@ windysolar1: can you send me the part no. of your yss and a picture how the bottom side fits the frame/swingarm? Thanks.


Your yss on the picture looks the same like my shock, with one difference: the spring on your shock sits near the top of the shock. Have a look to my pic: the spring is more to the bottom. Thats the Problem. How looks your shock on the bottom side?

unscrew it to the end that’s minium strength


took this picture hope it helps 8)

So, back from holiday. I`m interested in the part no. of your shock and for what model (year and type) have you ordered it. And a picture of the bottom side. On the way back home from holiday in france i have bought a 1986 F2 frame. Now i will see, if the shock will fit this one. I have also the swingarm and dogbones. Maybe the dealer sold me a wrong shock.


My is a wrong shock. Thats it. Had the dealer on the telephone and he will send me a YSS for the R Model. It`s the only one in stock at his shop. I hope, i can make the next step with my project with the new shock.


Hi Jan,The R shock will be fine at the bottom fixing but may require a two mm spacer either side of the top bush.
Best regards Bif

The bottom shock is fitted in my 1000F with the R swingarm, the top shock was delivered and is not able to fit in one of my bikes. Or did i make a mistake? Ordered for my F2. Numbers are right, but it will not fit.


Hi Jan.
I can tell you now that the top shock won’t fit into any of the vf1000’s… its just plain wrong… I would send it back. If that’s not possible it shouldn’t be too had for a suspension expert to change the bottom for the longer one…

New Shock for VF1000Fe #2.
Rebuilt CBR600 shock by DMR.
Will install after Ski Season is over.

Will have to order another PreLoad Tool from Honda (89202-MFJ-D00).

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