Vf1000fe 84

[:(]went to start up the old beast today but she ran on only 3 cylinders
both front barrels got hot and the right rear.
new plugs were fitted with caps
replaced spark boxes but no difference

so think its coils on the rear breaking down.

Anyone got a set of coils for me to buy please ?


Windy, did you try swapping the HT leads from one set of coils to the other to confirm they are the ones at fault ? Might save you a few bob ?


no Excellent point
If its clear weather tomorrow I will try that to confirm which side
it smelled of UN burnt fuel so its getting to carbs which was cleaned and rebuilt not long ago.
will check the condition of the ht cables for damage

will keep this updated Monday

I have some FF coils if they are the same.

thanks crooky I will contact you after the operation
You would think they are the same
I imagine Mr Honda saying New bike new design coils not a chance[:D]

Coils are common across the whole range,so no issues there.Regards BIF

Came to the conclusion that I had done not a lot for too long over Christmas so went round to look at the bikes problem.
seat.panels and tank off
took the left coil pack off.no visible cracks anywhere so replaced the ht leads with 7mm cable cost £3.00 for 2 meters then noticed that one cap on the left cylinder was off a car type system, Not an NGK so took a ride up to see the boys at cj ball in Norwich and got the correct on for £4.99, They are very helpful and polite and know me by my first name .

Anyway bike now fixed runs better the more parts I buy for it
Bit like a woman

[:o)]PS, now going to SORN it till June 2013 and hope we get some sunshine.But it could be May also if the sun shines

Well done Lloyd, very satisfying when you fix something for less than you were expecting.
My misses is away for a few days so I,m taking my bed out to the garage and will get really stuck into the FF ( ooo ere misses )


When I get my Euro winnings I am going to build a house with a Master bed room above the Garage(for bikes only)and have a fireman pole installed in the corner for speedy access when the sun comes up in the morning

What do you mean by “When” the sun comes up, don’t you mean “If” I have barely seen it all year, I hope this coming year is better than the last…

I counted 7 days this year but I have a backup plan
Going to get a flight to see my brother in June 2013 to see my other mistress Max.If I can raise the cash for the flight

Sun Guaranteed and the open road for miles

Plenty of sun over here, too much actually. We just had a lovely day of 45C with the forecast showing a couple of 39’s and a couple of 43’s coming up.
Hard to believe you guys are freezing your butts off over there![8D]

Planty, if theres a god why did he/she make the weather like it is ? Extremes at both ends of the planet - why not just share the sunshine and water. That way wed all be happy ?
Actually, come to think of it, it must be your fault that were getting all this bleedin rain. It has to be drawn up into the clouds somewhere where theres sun and now we know where that is ! [;)]

Cant we just have a exchange program where you give us your extra sun and we give you All the parts for your bikes

that seems fair[}:)]

Yes, I often wonder about that mystical place somewhere in between that has just the right amount of sun and rain, perfect riding weather year round and plenty of reasonably priced VF parts available, surely it must exist somewhere![:D]

It does Planty - as far I know from this end anyway, its southern France going across to Italy and for all I know into Croatia etc. For me, France is Navana with the most amazing twisties through forests and down into fabulous little medieval villages then up and away the other side. Best of all is virtually all the French car drivers pull over for you and let you pass. The French bikers themselves are nutters who love a dice ( with the Brits anyway ) The roads are nearly empty unless you take the main N roads which are crammed with trucks trying to avoid the motorway tolls. So many Brit bikers get over there for mad long weekends the cameras are starting to appear more frequently plus the hair dryers but again, all the oncoming car drivers give you a flash if theyve just passed one in your direction.
I remember a gaggle of us were looking for Le Man many years ago having taken a lovely winding road to get there and stopped in a village where an old guy was washing his car,to ask the way. Within minutes all the front doors were open and little old ladies all excited to see us, came over to ask us where we were going and “Yes, Le Man was just down that road” etc. Its brilliant and the weathers great for Brits.


Its Back[}:)]
the coil problem

Does any member have 2 coil packs they can sell me as it now seems I need at least one please ?

I can send money using paypal if that helps[:)]

cheers Lloyd(windysolar1)