VF1000FE - Double Trouble

Thanks to John Nuttall for the red FE pic.

Ohhhhhhhh Ive gone all jelly like… Whats that grey model ? a special based on the F2 ?


Its my 84 FE with an Italian aftermarket lower fairing, polished R forks and a 4-1 TEAMBIF exhaust…

Cheers peter spot on job you have made it look brand new [:)]
Has team bif any 4 into 1 exhaust going spare

Hi PAJ, on the Italian lower fairing, the large “V” vent behind the front wheel, does it have mesh fitted, or louvres like the original?

The fairing is one piece and is completely open at the front as you can see below:

Thanks for that, hopefully I should be producing new fairings sometime over the next few weeks, the pattern is finished and getting waxed up, now I’m trying to juggle making a mold round a 65 hour week and an up and coming holiday, plus I need to find a fabricator to make the brackets at a fair price, I could do them myself but I don’t think I’m going to get time[xx(]

We made the brackets ourselves as what I received with the fairing just didn’t make any sense and certainly didn’t seem to fit anywhere, it was a lot easier than I expected. If you want I can post photos of the brackets for you. Good luck with your project, looking forward to seeing the results.

If you could put photos on it may help, cheers.
when I bought my VF the lower fairing and brackets came with the bike but apparently had been previously fitted, I never tried it back on, I am on with making the mold now and will be leaving it a while to fully cure, as soon as I manage to get a couple of fairings pulled out of the mold and checked them for flaws, I will post some photos.