vf1000fe fork oil and other bits

hi everyone just brought a vf1000f2 which is in need of some love and care, but she is also my daily bike. i have a number of question first being does anyone know some in sydney who will replace the fork seal for me as some bikeshops wont work on a old bike or charge almost $400, a mate and i can do it but need to wait a few weeks for his assistance as he has the tools and i would prefer to get it done sooner than later. Also anyone replaced rear shock absorber?? Motorbike wont select 2nd gear its been chewed up i suspect rest of the box is good and clutch works fine, has anyone rebuilt these themselves easy or hard?? im just ya average backyard mechanic but always willing to have a go and learn by mistakes.Also front shroud isnt original anyone got a red one going cheap in good condition i might be interested. thanks for your help[:)]

Hi, and welcome to VF owners society
First you should download a shop manual somewhere (VF1000.com/resources, for example), changing the fork seals is not that big job and it can be done by backyard mechanic too. General tools are needed, maybe an air pressure tool to remove bottom bolt is necessary. It might be good idea at least remove the forks and bring them to the shop, that must be much cheaper than bring whole bike there. Rear shock is quite easy to change, it is fixed with two bolts.

Whereabouts in Sydney? (Even roughly)

Thanks dnapekko good to know about the rear thought it might be bit harder. Got a friend to help me do the front forks, but leak is bad was thinking about doing it earlier. Hey hippo im in east hills area.

Sydney Motorcycle Workshop (part of Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers) are in Alexandria & work on pretty much anything but don’t know their rates - ph. 9565 5788. One of our local places is brilliant but Nowra’s probably a bit too far![:D]

Thanks hippo,decided to have a go myself with mates assistance. But if you know of a red original fairing in good or better condition for a vf1000f2 point them in my direction please. Thanks for your help.

Hi Skip, The 2nd gear problem may just be in the gear selector mechanism, first place to look anyway.
It’s tucked away behind the clutch basket in the RHS casing, check out the manual for more info.