vf1000fe front wheel spindle

Need help as i’m confused!
First time on the forum. I’m restoring a Vf1000fe 1983 to original.
Can anyone tell me the spindle length of the front wheel? Someone else stripped the front wheel for painting and it looks like the spacer is 7mm short on the front rhs. The spacer that i have looks like the right one but its too short. I’ve put the calipers on and it needs a longer spacer. Bit worried as in the book and internet, all the parts look to be there.

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hi dave,

welcome to the forum, i can tell you the right hand spacer is 23mm long, the nut half of the split spindle also goes on the right hand side too…and the speedo drive on the left, assuming the internal spacer that goes inside the wheel between the bearings has’nt gone missing in the painting process it should all wind up tight to the correct length, i will see if i can measure my fe spindle tomorrow evening when i get in the garage.

Thanks for that. I will go and check the spacer length tonight. The internal spacer was still in the wheel with the bearings.

Pete, have you had chance to check spindle length?
My mate reckons the spacer is about 23mm. So i need the full length. Unfortunately i cant get in the garage for a few weeks now, so no rush.

hi dave,

when the spindle is in the wheel and all tightned up its 230mm give or take a mm.
The long half of the split spindle by its self (without the nut) is 109mm long, hope this helps.

Hi Pete,
thanks for that, i’ll try and get in the garage to check it.

Thanks for the info. Checked the spindle length and it is the same as yours.
the forks still don’t fit the spindle correctly. They are about 7mm too wide.
When the bike was stripped it had a cracked clamp plate on the bottom of the fork. I am thinking that a fork stancion might be bent. It did have damage on the rhs of the bike. Any ideas? Think I’ll take the forks back out and check them.

Hi Dave.
It certainly sounds as if something may be bent… If you slacken the yokes off and twist the stansion 180 degrees and measure the gap across the spindle that will tell you if they are bent without stripping them down… (without fork brace fitted)… also is the fork brace bent… that may hold the legs apart. …

Checking forks and they look ok. What is the gap between the right hand fork and the bolts that hold the disc on? The bolts are taking the black paint off. It looks really tight! I think the paint may be too thick on the newly painted legs.