Vf1000fe no power

Recently purchased a 1984 vf1000fe as a project. I purchased it cheap as it needs work.
I’ve put a fully charged battery on it and I have no power ar all ? No ignition lights or anything ?
Fuses look ok, previous owner said to wiggle ignition key and the ignition will come on but it doesn’t?

Any suggestions where to start looking first ?

Hi eddy.
Check the main fuse on the starter solenoid,
Could easily be your ignition switch that is faulty, if its known to be temperamental, ignition switches are readily available on ebay but most wont work the park light…

Hi mate. Take the fairing off and follow the cable from the ignition down to the right side of your tank. The ignition plugs into an connector. You can actually disconnect the ignition and then cross wire the plug (that it pushes into) to see if you have power. My guess is the ignition is the problem.

Had a mess today and it’s the ignition itself. I followed the ignition down to the connector like you said and if I bridge the wires my ignition lights come on.
I also squirted contact cleanedr in the ignition barrel and if i wiggle the key every so often the ignition lights will come on.
So now I’m looking for another ignition barrel etc
Cheers for the help guys

Wemoto have new ones very reasonably priced.

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The aftermarket ones are fine,I have one on my Bol d’Or . They do not have the parking position on them but apart from that they are spot on. It is possible to split the electrical component of the switch and clean the contacts.I have done this on another Bol and it is still working after many years.