vf1000fe seals for water pipes on back of block ?

Hi can anyone tell me if the seals on the 2 pipes that push into the block underneath where the carbs sit so 4 seals in all are o ring seals or are they seals with a flat outer surface and can anyone tell me what they have used to replace them. I have a comprehensive set of o, ring seals but they appear to slide a lot on the pipe work and could sit at an odd angle when fitted

Those are regular round O-Rings. I know the Exploded Diagrams show edges, but they are round.

My records show them to be 13mm ID and 2.5mm thick.

There is a large Petroleum Industry here, so we have lots of Seal/Bearing shops.
Since I’ve got 3* VF1000F bikes to work on, whatever I do to one bike will eventually have to be done to the others.
So when I go for Bearings/Seals, I buy lots.
I figure my memory will fade with age, so I’ve printed up the diagrams with PN & sizes, so I don’t have to think so much in the future.

Here is a contoured Honda O-Ring, that I use a regular O-Ring to fit (fits and way cheaper).

My local supplier is HiTech Seals http://www.hitechseals.com/
Minimum order of $15, or is it $25?,… (not hard to do).
My pipes were also corroded, so I gently Sand Blasted the ends and repainted.
Rub the aluminum socket with Muratic Acid or CLR, to dissolve the Oxidation, wipe with clean water.
I coat the O-Rings and Aluminum with Armoural (silicon wet) so the O-Rings slip in easy and reduce the Oxidation on clean Aluminum.

hi paul,

i seam to think the original seals for the two pipes where they push into the heads were flat o-rings, but like “vf1000fe” ive been using 13x2.5 standard o-rings which seem to do the trick…

cheers guys for the info I will pop down to a local rubber seal dealer near me they should have them thanks for your replies they are much appreciated