VF1000FE stuff for sale

Here goes…

Few more bits…

  • Upper radiator and hoses
  • headlamp and surround plus brackets -SOLD
  • inner fairing shroud
  • original Showa air shock
  • harness connector bracket
  • swingarm with torsion bar and caliper mounting bracket
    -complete wiring harness/loom
  • complete inner fairing (3 parts)20200601_202937 20200601_192941 20200601_192025
  • coolant and breather bottles
  • coil pack-SOLD
  • engine bolts
  • speedo cable -SOLD
  • thermostat and pipes-SOLD
  • front caliper trac bracket
  • great shock dogbone
  • rear axle and chain adjusters
  • frame caps
  • radiator cap
  • spring for air box
  • wheels,
  • discs, forks and yokes-SOLD

All UK, can post. Ask me what you need all cheap!

Hi , Are you close to Essex…I’d be interested in a few spare parts for my bike.

I’m in Bucks HP18 0JD- happy to post though

Hi, that’s no problem.Id be interested in …headlamp /coiil pack /thermostat/ discs forks and yokes. if you have all or any of those you can email me at tomtec_1@yahoo.com with the prices.
My bike is a 1984 VF 1000f, so hopefully the parts are compatible.

Email sent Tom. Have all those parts available no problem