Vf1000fe wrecking Australia

Picked up two vf1000fe one complete and the other not. Unfortunately my funds are a bit tight so I’m thinking of parting one. Not complete but straight. Engine is a unknown at this stage but happy to chat to anyone looking for parts. I’m in AUSTRALIA but will post within reason. The frame has a clean title (PPSR) let me know if anyone interested. Thanks

Hi, I just read your post regarding the VF that you are looking to sell some of the parts from. I’ve just started pulling mine apart for a rebuild I’d be interested in body components such as fairing, side covers, duck tail, tank and lower fairing. Could you please let me know what you have for sale and if possible send me some pics.

Regards Alan Reynolds ( email: alanreyn@hotmail.com

Hi sorry that already sold. Have some “inner” plastic eg wheel arch inner fairing but that’s about it in fairing stuff anyway.

Are you still looking for parts ? I may have what you’re looking for. Bob.

Hello Looking for Air Box Case and Aluminum Plenum on top of Carbs. Also Rear Air
shock cable.

Hi, I’ve now got the parts I listed, but I’m looking for an original exhaust system or even just a pair of standard mufflers in good condition. please let me know if you have any available.

Regards Alan Reynolds

Just a list of some parts I’m moving on. If anyone is interest in Wagga NSW Australia.
Parts would need some love but solid.