VF1000FF - Ignition Woes?

Hi Guys,

I really hope someone can help with this as the wife has taken to giving me plastic cutlery to protect me from myself…

I recently bought a non-running VF1000FF, 1985 model for a paltry A$600. THe bike was complete but had been a back-up bike for a runner and had never been started by the owner as he had bought it as a job lot with the runner. On getting it home I put some fuel in it, strapped a battery to it and after a minute or so off she went, running on four and not bad considering it was banging like a bastard. Anyway, No.1 big end was completely mullered so I set to and rebuilt the motor. All went well, got a new battery on it, new big ends and mains, new std rings etc. It started after a couple of short bursts to get oil pressure. It ran fine, no noises so I let it warm up until the temp was mid gauge, running lovely and then stopped it.
THe next day I went to it again, choke on, fuel on and off she went on the button, idling and responding as it should. I stopped it. Went to it a couple of days later and had all on to get it running and when it did it was in 1&3 only. I tried again later and this time it refused to start but emitted two large backfires. I was trying this with fuel fed direct to the carbs so as to remove the pump from the equation. It has not run since although I’ve spent quite a few hours on it.

THis is the single igniter box model and one which seems quite rare compared to the earlier interceptor. Spares are therefore that much harder to acquire it would seem as the two ignition system parts are not interchangeable due to advance differences/igniter box design configuration.

I’ve checked the primary and secondary windings on the coils, primary was 3.6 ohms on both (service book=2.8),secondary was 23,500 ohms with plug caps on (21000 - 28000 book approx) and 14500 ohms with plug caps removed (book=13000-16000 approx). I checked the pulse generator, that was 485 ohms both channels (480=book), this according to the manual then points to the igniter box as this has no test and is therefore assumed to be faulty. I sent the igniter box away to Belgium to Horespower Ignition who tested it and found it to be good. This has now completely stumped me as I’ve been through the main loom/connectors etc. I am about to look at the kill switch and ignition switch side as this I haven’t checked.

Failing not finding anything there I think the wife might be the recipient of the first V4 coffee table complete with headers to stand it on. Any help on this would be worth monetary reward I reckon…


Hi Mort,

Have had days like this as well when one of my bikes running perfectly one day will fart and splutter when starting and warming up the next. [:I] Usually backfiring and blowing flames out one of the 4 into 2 exhaust system. I’ve have the luxury of being able to swap parts from my spares bike until now as its packed waiting to be sent to Qld. It was an 85 FF but was running an 84 FE wiring system, which I still have as spares. I have found the simplest things like a half flat battery will effect the way it starts and runs until they warm up and is charging properly.(Reminder * Check Electrical System #3 Bike*)[:I]
What part of the country you from as there’s a few good people around I’ve found that have helped me alone the way with information. [:D]
Sorry I can’t help with electrical spares, and I think you’ve covered everything else I would have checked, Hang in there cause there worth every cent when there running right. [8D]

Good Luck

Paul F