vf1000ff parts

Hi Guy’s
I have decided to move on all of my VF stuff now.

I have a complete 1000ff as a donor bike for spares which is all its good for really.£350 for the complete bike or i can break it.The motor has done 43K.It does have good solid silencers and collector.Tyres are good.The switch gear is no good but i do have some spares in a box somewhere.

I have a 20k engine complete with carbs.I had the cam covers off and the cams are sweet.Open to offers on this.

I have another FF that is totally stripped,no motor or pipes but all the rest is there,air box,rads electrics,CDI’s etc,frame,wheels,forks,swing arm.£150 the lot.

The Bold’or and the decent FF will go onto Ebay in a week or so when i have the pics sorted.

If anyone is interested ring me on 07872936436 anytime

Is everything ok Crooky?

Originally posted by F2Boldor

Is everything ok Crooky?

Yes mate everything is good.Bought my Harley last year and just picked a mint VTR1000SP1 for track days.I now have 14 bikes and no time to ride them all.Just decided that VF’s would be best to get shot of first.I have loads of stuff for them and still love them to bits but the collection has to be reduced to a more usable level.I work 12 hrs 6 days a week so not much time for riding.Sundays is either a moped club run or a Harley club run so VF’s just sat doing nothing when they need to be used.

Engine is now sold and the good plastics have gone.

if anyone needs the CDI boxes or regulator i have these for sale.The rads top and main both in good condition,good wheels with good tyres.

Still have the Doner FF bike with good silencers and collector.

Also a new set of FE silencers,I have stainless steel extended brackets to enable them to fit the FF but they were too quiet for me so took them straight off and put my modded baffles set back on.Open to offers on all of it and hope it keeps more VF’s on the road for years to come.

do you have the air box cover and spring?

I’m looking for cams etc (surprise surprise).
Are these still on the donor bike? I know you sold one of the engines…
Might be interested in the whole engine if you aren’t prepared to split for bits?

hi atassidevil,
welcome to the forum, unfortunately this is a old posting, i believe crooky has sold all of his vf stuff now, the doner engine has passed through another members hands, then to me, ive just set about restoring it.

No problems…Just wanted to cover all bases, before i start trying to get this thing back on the road…