VF1000FF radiators wanted

Would anyone have a pair of radiators for a 86 FF as i have just reassembled the old girl and fired it up and both rads are leaking. After being of the road for 18yrs they have corroded so if any one can help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

Hi I have definitely got a good top radiator for a ff and maybe a bottom radiator as well will check properly on Monday

Thanks i see your in Norwich as-well let me know what you have and how much.

Strange. My FF only has the top radiator.

There’s a large one just above the engine and a small one behind the head light in the fairing.

Hi musso I have found a good top radiator and I have a bottom one as well I am at home Friday, Saturday and Sunday if you e/mail me at pwilsea@talktalk.net I will give you my phone number and address then you can decide when you want to come over

regards Paul

definitely overheat on one radiator :wink: :smiley: >:( :frowning: 8)

Hi Humph yep you must have both radiators fitted as the vf will certainly overheat in the summer are you sure you only have the one radiator behind the head light, the other radiator sits in front of the cylinder head with the 2 fans attached to it