VF1000FF Running issue

I will try and keep this short… I purchased my VF about 4 months ago and it ran spot on but front forks were shot. So had them re chromed and built back up with new seals (took couple of months). Then rebuilt it then would not run unless choke was on but no chance of revving !!!. So as u think crap fuel or carbs. Took carbs off and checked all jets and all looked good (what a pig to get them back on). Any way good news is it runs now and revs but as normal i have a but!!. when i set off it loses power then pics up, while ridding get a bit of hesitation around 5000rpm and again about 7000rpm… it will rev our no problem in second gear at about 90 mph (private road). So any ideas plus tick over is not great and sometimes stalls. Does this should like an air leak on carb rubbers? any ideas cheers ian

check your fuel filter best replace it but its a pig to get to and test your fuel pump while you are in there behind the panel and the fuel cock for flow
had all these problems its a learning curve but when thwy run well its pure fun and everyone wants to talk about it