VF1000FF tappet settings

Hi I’ve just bought an “honest” VF (my first)that needs a bit of fettling[:)]. I rode the bike 200miles home with no problems;but the tappets are noisey . Any advice on settings and experience’s gratefully recieved</font id=“Arial Black”></font id=“Times New Roman”></font id=“black”>

I’d grab a manual off ebay and read up on it. The V4 motor take a little longer to adjust than an inline 4, though it does have screw and locknut adjusters, so no shims involved.
P.S. Get the 2 special tools from Dave Silver spares to help you. One is a clamp to hold the cams up into the cap while adjusting, the other is a long 10mm ring spanner with an angled end to assist reaching the locknuts.

Thanks for that , I’m waiting for the manual from e-bay.I’ll keep you posted as to how I get on . I’m sure there will be more questions Cheers.