vf1000r and FE exhausts

Hi all…

Im at the point in my restoration where I need to reinstall my engine, but I dont have an exhaust system at all…

I can easily get cans and connector pipes made locally, Im wondering if a 1000FE front system, inc front and rear header pipes would actually go on the 1000r, then I can get the rest made up to fit.

Any ideas?



Hi Stuart
The collector from an FE will fit. The only real difference is the angle of the 2 outlets for the rear cans. The outlets on the R kick up at more of an angle to give better ground clearance. Or you could with a bit of effort and the right tools cut the outlets out and reposition them.
Good luck.

I have tried a VF1000R system om my 84 VF1000F and the front pipes leak at the head , plus the center stand spring stud wont allow the muffler to slip on the right collector outlet and the ange is wrong.

Hey Cap

Do you still have the R collector and front pipes?..


Hi Just found this link, newby to site and I am looking to replace possibly the whole system whats the outcome of this link did they get produced any left? Regards