VF1000R fairing protection

To avoid damage to the lower fairing from debris thrown up by the front wheel I was thinking of making a fabric “bra” to cover this section . Anyone done this?
Protection film is the next option but needs some cutting and joining to get a wrinkle free finish.
Any pics and advice of your solution welcome.

Have you thought about the spray on plastic that you can peel off and respray when necessary?

Thanks for that. Where can I buy some - Supercheap/ Bunnings?
The solvents in the spray don’t affect the paintwork in anyway? Will it protect against small stones etc?

Supercheap have it under “removable paint,” I would think Repco and/or Bunnings would have it also.
I have never used It yet so I suggest that you look at what other people say and maybe try it on something that doesn’t matter. It sounds ok to me, for what you want but check it out yourself. It says that it will not affect the paint and that it will peel off correctly. The “Plasti dip” seems to be the better choice for protection but it’s your decision.