VF1000R front fork air pressure

Hello all,
What are your recommendations for air pressure in the front forks, spec. says 0 - 6psi but I have read on other forums (i.e. VFR) to not put any air in the forks as it will blow the seals?
Thanks in advance for any help,

Hi Fry.
I put the max 6lb in mine, it is better with air in as I feel that mine is just harsh without some air to make the bike more pleasurable on bumpy country roads, however if I stick to main roads it doesnt need any air, and it needs topping up once a week even though the oil is not weeping out of the very new seals, maybe its the valves ?? but I wouldnt go over the 6 as the gains arent worth blown seals.
Getting it bang on 6lb is difficult because they loose a pound ot 2 just pulling the pump off.

I’ve run as high as 10 psi. Never had a seal issue on any of the 3 VF1KF I owned in over 70,000 miles of riding. And I’m an XXL rider lol


Thanks both I will try 6psi and see what happens

The Gospel According to Honda states to not exceed 43 psi.

43 psi?? They’d be a bit rigid with that pressure in them.

On that basis, though, 6psi isn’t going to blow any seals, unless they’re suspect to start with.

I’ve got 10psi in mine, and all is well.