Vf1000R Honda France Racing edition

I have a Honda France Racing edition of the VF1000R. Has anyone got one of these bikes? I need a closeup photos of the 2 tank decals in French. If anyone can help and post detailed photos it would be much appreciated.

Maybe the guy, that owns this site: www.vf1000r.fr can help you. He is located in France.

Is this of any help? I think the tank decals are common across the models?

I fear this is something special, because he asks of stickers in french language …

We are always willing to learn something new. Please post a pic of yours so we can get an idea what you are looking for.

I can post pics of 86 VF1000RG (Rothmans).


This is the photo of the fork pressure decal for the French market.


This is the other decal applicable in pretty much every sales area but France, yet French is one of the three languages on the decal. Would this be the same for the French market?

Regarding the second decal, as far as I can tell the part number is colour scheme dependent, and has different print colours and background colours dependent on the bike colour code, but the languages and wording is the same.


I found this in my Honda V4 book. France Racing did endurance races as Honda supported Team.

This is RS750R in 1984 endurance world championchip. I found nothing about them using VF1000R.
Roland Eckert modified one to 1000 cc using parts from the 1000R.


Thanks for the feedback. I have attached a photo of the tank. These decals are specific to the 300 " Speciale Edtion Limitee" made with Honda France Racing decals. They are silver in colour.
There are identical decals in gold but no longer abailable. I am hoping that a couple of gold ones can be tracked down and a decal maker can copy them in the correct colour.IMG_3035-768x576