Vf1000R mirror finish

The finish on my mirrors on my 84 VF1000R has pitted. Can someone tell me whether these were originally painted or were they an anodised finish?
If anodised is there any way to replicate this finish?

I believe they are a black chrome finish,Ron Marshall has had some re done in the US.
You can find him on Facebook at the VF1000r pages.

Thanks bif. I thought the finish wasn"t paint. I’m in Australia so postage is a killer these days for international parcels. Will check locally for a solution.

Try Classic Motorcycle Restoration Australia. They’re based in Metro Court, Gateshead, Newcastle NSW.

Graeme Studdert is extremely knowledgeable. If there is anybody in Strayya that can rework them to original standard, he’ll know about it.

Thanks Bif , I am in Canada . Yes they can be repainted , no problem . I have done a few sets . Thanks for the kind feedback . Cheers :slight_smile: