VF1000R motor to install in either a V45 or a 1000F Interceptor chassis :

Hi all ,
Has anybody here successfully shoe-horned a VF1000R motor into a V45 VF750F or a VF1000F chassis ? If so could you please shed some light on what it entails , etc… ? I intend to do so towards the fall . I am going to be building a Freddie Spencer Superbike replica/hommage using a V45 chassis with a 1000R motor , 1000R wheels , brakes & forks with the blue/white paint scheme of Freddies’ Superbike of the mid 80s’ . A nightmare in the making ! LOL ! :o Any info /advice much appreciated . And if anyone needs VF1000R parts I have tons of them including motors, etc… Thanks . Cheers - Ron

I know this has been done with an F motor, so should be possible with an R, remember they are quite different, if physically similar lumps.

Apparently with the R motor you’ll need to drop the engine slightly to get the rear cam covers off. It is a VERY snug fit, so be warned.

the F motor you would have no such issues.

Hi Ron,all US spec Rs use the wider line bored heads fitted to all 85 on VF1000s.
This is the reason that the motor is a tight fit in the 84 chassis.
The original 84 R shared the same heads as the 84 F so this conversion is straight forward in Europe
Regards Bif

Hi guys ,

Thanks for the info so far. I am going to have “fun” this fall/winter . I have all the parts on hand…just a question of doing the mods & phoning my machinist ! Keep the info tip/tricks coming please . Thanks again guys ! :smiley:
Cheers, Ron