VF1000R oil cooler and feed pipes

Hi I am looking for an oil cooler and feed pipes for my VF1000R, if anyone has any for sale please can you let me know.
Thanks Hugh

You will also need a VF1000FII or 1985/86 VF1000R oil pan and pump…

Hi thanks for your message, I bought this bike new in 1987 and unfortunately I had a head on crash with when it was about 6months old. It was fitted with the oil rad from new. The accident damaged the rad and crushed the rigid section of the hoses. I have been slowly gathering up the parts I need to rebuild it but have not been able to find the rad ot hoses.

Just for my personal interest: Did you leave the bike unused until now?


Or you can search for “Öl” (german for oil) to see what is available.

This is for F2 but they may fit. You check out www.cmsnl.com to see if they have the same partnumber for F and R.


Hi Axel
Sadly yes it is still laid up in the garage.
The picture looks similar, but I don’t speak German I haven’t much time to check it out yet, I will have a look at it later this week.
Thanks for your advice.

Unfortunately the mounts for the F2 cooler and the R item are totally different.The R cooler locates into the underside of the top radiator which is unique to the RF/G models fitted with the oil cooler.
Probably shooting myself in the foot but,as your need is greater than mine at present,all the parts you need are for sale on a French site called Leboncoin,the prices are very reasonable too for such rare parts,just don’t tell the seller that.
It’s a classified ads site,just enter Honda vf1000r in the search field
Best regards Bif

Hi Bif
Thanks for the information I had a quick look at the site is it the chap who has quite a few bikes in the picture and who only wants people to call him that you are referring too?
Regards Hugh

No,the individual parts are listed along with prices.I haven’t gone any further than that
The seller is based in Sigoyer,you would have to contact him through the site by the looks,perhaps Fred could point us in the right direction as to how this works