vf1000r on ebay

Hi everyone just wanted peoples opinion on the vf1000r for sale on ebay and does anyone know what other parts are missing off it as it looks to me as it was being restored but never got finished just partially stripped

hi paul,

i couldnt say if there are any more parts missing than the ones already listed, it looks like a good project, my only concern would be wether the seller knows the registration number, that would make getting the log book from dvla a whole lot easier… along with the history check…
It woulnt suprise me if it made £1700 plus, for the record i wont be bidding on it but i think there will be plenty of interest in the last hour or so…
If you are having a go at it paul, good luck

Hi Pete yep you were right went for a little more than I bid up to, but have landed on another project instead not a Honda but a early Suzuki gsx1100et with only 11000 miles on the clock and old mots to prove it , its been sitting in the guys back garden for 18 months uncovered, and is all their, almost standard except the exhaust and as loads of spares including complete set of genuine decals, 2 new tyres, chain and sprockets, new nose fairing , and a complete set of brand new engine side casings and cam end covers the guy replaced the head gasket and fitted new valve stem seals due to a small oil leak ran it for 50 miles then never got round to retightening the head as specified and it as sat ever since, the guy wants £800 for it do you think its worth it as these appear to be quite a rare beast now

hi paul,

GSX1100, i always remember when i was a learner many years ago, a mate of mine had one with a metchomax braced swing arm and a 4 into 1 pipe, no baffles…awsome machine…
My pilosophy on bikes and projects is… if its a hobby it dosent mater what things cost as long as you get enjoyment from them… so yep i think its probably a decent buy,

Paul, there’s a real dash on at the moment for GSX 1100 Suzies so I’d grab it because even if it turns out a pup, you’ll get your money back on spares. Couldn’t agree more with Pete, if its a hobby it doesn’t matter what things cost as long as you get enjoyment from them If you go into old bikes’s to (try) and make money then you don’t want to be restoring them - just look for good resto’s already done ( which are very rare) and flog it on.
Please ask the bank account owners permission before you buy !! ;D

Thanks for the advise guys I have decided to buy it and restore to standard and keep it. because like Pete I can remember a couple of guys in my village had them from new and I have always thought they were a beast of a bike. And I have almost finished jazzing up the 1000fe for this year and am eagerly awaiting the Scottish trip and a chance to have a small pint or two and meet up with you lot again and enjoy those great rides out