vf1000r project

hello folks. i have a vf1000r engine in a 1000f frame i bought it as a runner a few years ago as a streetfighter project. has anyone any idea what it may be worth at the moment.

Hi Stone, who knows ? It doesn’t stack up too well I’m afraid. VF1000’s are not everyone’s cup of tea. ( I’m glad to say as this means we can still get them relatively cheap) but that, plus it being a “street-fighter”. This can often be translated into “its been lashed back together after a bad `crash” although I’m sure that’s not the situation in your case. Finally, its a hybrid with an R engine in a FE / FF frame.
If its got an MOT and is tidy you could be looking at anything between £350 / £500 but to be honest if the engine runs well and hasn’t been round the globe you might be better off splitting the rolling chassis and engine then sell separately ?