VF1000R rear shock : sticky damping adjuster

Hi everyone . I have two 1985 Honda VF1000R rear shocks . They both have really sticky damper adjustment knobs . I fear to break them as one of my other ones suffered the same fate ! Any ideas on loosening them up . Now , as well what about an aftermarket shock like a Hagon or something even pricier …is it worth the investment ? I just got into VF1000Rs seriously , recently . Before that I (maybe!) wasted 22 years of my life on RC30s ! I ganed experience but could have had many more VF1000Rs for the money I wasted on 30s !!! Ahhh well live and learn . Thanks in advance for any /all input on the rear shock .

Hi Ron,
The solution suggested in the other forum you posted on with this problem is definitely the best way and does work. (not sure whether you have read it but if not go take a look)
Good luck.

I know this is thread is so old and I’ve searched for hours to see if there is a solution for the adjuster on top of the shock if it seized but can find anything. Any hints out there apart from replacing the shock??

Dlb304 : Not really that I know of . I have tons of rear shocks (OEM / original) for sale . $100 US plus shipping . Still cheaper than an aftermarket one though obviously not a performance shock , still functions the way it should originally . PM me if you like . I have tons of parts for VF1000Rs . Cheers . Ron