VF1000R side covers

I have 2 mesh side covers for the later model VF1000R’s. Looking for 2 of the solid 1984 ones as my bike is a 1984 model. Prefer a swap because if I get rid of the mesh ones before finding solid ones I don’t have side covers! Let me know if you can help.
Also looking for a radiator cap cover. LOL.

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don’t have anything to trade but would be interested in yours

A set of solid ones on jause at the moment

Bif - do you have the link?

OK - found it - have to see what it bids up to.

Ok I reseached Jause and it seems their costs are astronomical. Overseas shipments are likely to hit 3 x the bid price in costs!! Postage costs to their Japanese warehouse plus commission, packing, exchange fees plus international shipping are all extremely high.
Yahoo Japan do not ship internationally so use an expensive 3rd party agent.
Can’t figure out why they don’t use Ebay where the costs are more transparent?
Rats - have to contact Maurizio Puccio to see if he will make any. He already makes the mesh ones for €100 a pair.