VF1000R Tanks (X2) For Sale

Two VF1000R fuel tanks for sale. Small dents and blemishes. Internals show light corrosion as far as I can see. Tank bottoms in good condition. Full restoration needed. Shipping at buyers expense. Tanks located at Sydney, Australia.
$600AUD each O.N.O.

Click link for pictures Dropbox - Tank pics - Simplify your life

Hi Don,
Where are you located in Sydney?
Can I arrange a time to look at the tanks.
Cheers Shane

Hi Shane, I’m at Greystanes near Parramatta

Hi Don, Are you available tomorrow afternoon?
Cheers Shane

I am before 4pm

Can you message me your number please and I’ll buzz you in the morning to ee if I can catch up with you after 1pm. 0410566269

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Thanks Shane. It was nice to meet you and do business with you. Show us the tank when it’s all done :+1:

Still one tank left!

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Hi Don,
Wondering how you’re getting on with your project?
I am getting an 84 R, with no bodywork, so doing the opposite of your project- VF FE tank and panels onto the R, if they’ll fit. Looks like from your posts you picked up some R bits.
Got any advice re panel fitting for me?

Hi Greg, I have no personal experience doing that kind of change over so can’t advise sorry. There was a chap who did do it and said it was fairly straight forward but who knows what that means. This was the post but you may have to join the page to see it.


Thanks Don, have you still got any of the R bits you had for sale?

I do have a few bits and pieces. Anything in particular?


Hi Don, I got your msg, but can’t find it now, was it $60 for tail light and frame? I’m keen, if you still have it please txt account details 0428 298 994 I can pay and pick up next time in Syd, or pay you for postage if you prefer?

Greg, FB message sent.