Hi ime new to the site.But i have an vf1000r that i am thinking of selling.Its a 1983 excellent cond for year.Its been rebuilt,frame spayed etc,engine excellent,carbon pipes fitted paint work is good.47k.Brand new tyres t+t used throughout the summer.A lot of money spent on it last year ready for a german trip.What kind of price would you say i should sell for.
could email pic if required.Its a great bike but far to big for me.looking for something around 400-650 classic.


Would like to see some pics of the bike. Hard to say how much you would get for it just now as we’ve seen a lot of VF’s going for much less that they were a few years ago. I would say a good condition R advertised on ebay would go for between £1000 and £1500 if you were lucky.



This is an '85 R, seller wants £1700 has a bid for £1600…

Paj ,will add pic to gallery.