Hi Guys, I am looking for a vf1000r for sale around the uk, nothing mint as i want to gets my hands dirty, so if anybody is looking to find a good home for their vf1000r that’s collecting dust in the shed let me know.

May I be the first of many to say
You have now won the lotto[:D]

I`ve noticed there are two models available ( you will all know this anyway ) but some have square headlamps ( USA and Switzerland ?) but the other Euro ones have the much nicer twin headlamps.

What did the Aussies get ?


Ok I know it’s not an R but quite nice clean Bol Dor

Bit more expensive!!![:0]

£10,500 ? ? ? [:O]
Thats about $25,000 in Aussieland isn’t it. [:D]
Tell him he’s dreamin, i reakon my ‘HO’ looks better than that. [:o)]
No offence to the seller and good luck with that. [;)]

I Don’t know what models came out here but i have the 1984 VF1000F with single rectangle headlamp and personally i think the single front end looks nicer than the duel front end, but i never have liked duel headlamps on any bike.

Hi guys, 10500 pounds is a bit steep, google vf1000r for sale on ebay.com in meridian ms, USA. Item no. 330858829277 currently at €2500.

Hi Sabre, if your still looking I might have something for you, I have three & one of them can go.
Contact me on rillingtonuk@yahoo.co.uk & I can let you know more about it if you like.