finally managed to get my grubby paws on an R, sadly though i think it means im going to have to let my zzr11 go,

More info required straightaway !!!

WOW, really like that…and turning very green…

Thanks guys…
Bart… The turning green feeling is quite catching…I had exactly the same feeling when I saw the pic of your 1999 blade in red/white/Blue… best colour and year… one day I will own one of those…

Not too much detail as yet… ive only been out on it once… it goes well… and stops less well… you could probably stop it faster by putting your feet down… found out through cause… Some muppet packed the front brake disc bobbins with grease which smeared itself all over the discs and pads… there is a few bits and bobs to sort out but I’m pretty happy with it… .

Thanks Pete. Really glad you’re still talking to us. Was afraid you might skip this forum for the “Fancy Pants.com” web site ;D
When it comes to the ZZR and the “R” I think the Honda will make more for you in 5 years time ( depending what you paid for it - don’t want to know) Fully confident that a proud Yorkshire man wouldn’t have paid a penny more than rock bottom price :slight_smile:

When are you opening the museum ? 1000FE, Bol Dor, 1000R etc etc

Well done mate - nice one.

hi martin,
i concider the “R” to be a huge investment in happiness, ;D ;D

Congratulations Pete. That looks great. ;D

Thanks frew…

Nice fine pete…

Cheers thunder,

Looks fantastic. I hope mine end up looking as nice as that one day.

The greasing of the brake disks is a little known hack to eliminate pad and disk wear. Just a few drawbacks though.

thanks thx113,

finally managed to get a little R time, after a couple of initial test rides it was fairly obvious the the R needed some new discs and pads, the discs weren’t worn on the surface where the pads contact, but where worn where the buttons fasten them to the wheel, so, new EBC floating discs and HH pads have been fitted, these coupled with the remote resevoir master cylinder (variety unknown) really haul the bike up with just 2 finger pressure.

the front and rear susspension was rarther lacking too, the rear shock is quite soft, ive blown it up to 50psi and am still showing 50mm of static sag, so maybe still too soft… the front was really harsh and bottomed out a few times over bumps.
on stripping the front forks down i noticed that the oil lock piece was in upside down, this would reduce the travel by about an inch and was probably the cause of the harsh feeling, ive decided to fit some YSS emulators, they seem fairly easy to fit (the instructions are pants) but i wont know if they are any good untill i get chance to test ride…

new low temp fan switch fitted, oil changed and oil pump pick up cleaned out, there wasnt much in it just a bit of furry fluff. american running lights disabled and reflectors removed…

just got to change rear brake pads, fit fairings and ready to go

On at least two of my R’s the fork valving was assembled incorrectly by some one.

Without the oil lock piece doing its job there is only spring pressure to stop the forks bottoming out.

So were the slots in the original front disks worn? I can only imagine they would have to have been used very hard to achieve that. My disks were too thin but no wear in the bobbin slots. Did the disk have the square flat bits in the slot?

hi thx113, yes the slots on the original discs were worn, there was about 2mm of rotational movement on the disc and even a little front to back , up and down movement, my first thoughts were that the square disc spacers would be the culprit, fortunatly it wasnt as these are as rare as hens teeth… there is little to no movement with the new discs fitted.