VF1000RE options to the clip ons

I am interested if anybody has tried any alternatives to the standard clip on’s.
I am finding these a little uncomfortable on rides out.
The forks are 41mm so there are options out there, but I thought I’d start by finding out what has been tried before and how people have got on with them.
Thanks in advance,

If by uncomfortable you mean too low,swap the left bar to the right and right bar to the left ,that gives you about 30mm extra height.

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Thanks Bif, is that a straightforward job to do?

No major problems just some careful measuring for new holes to locate the fixing pins in the switches.
My RE came like that and I swapped it back being as I have the reach of your average Orangutan and the standard setup suits me better

Ok thanks maybe another winter job!

I swapped over the handlebars today as it was raining outside so couldn’t get a ride in, this seems as high a set of bars as would fit in the fairing anyhow. It has made a reasonable difference so thanks for advice.
Any advice on how to lower the foot pegs and inch?
Thanks in advance

I have fitted a set of cbr1000rr pegs,this only required drilling the pivot pin holes to suit the R pins.
As well as having the reach of an Orangutan I have long legs(35 inch inseam)and these pegs have made a huge difference.VF1000.com are on tour in Scotland this weekend and we so far have covered over 600 miles.I have not had any problems with comfort on the R

Here is a picture of the side of the bike with side stand up, my boots catch between the gear lever and the rubber mount on the side stand.

From the look of things I would say the side stand is bent.
Gary has size 13 and doesn’t have a problem

In the old days we used to pull out the pins so that you could locate the switches anywhere you wanted to on any handlebars that you wanted to fit.