Vf1000RE rattling noise

I have been trying to track a rattle for some time now. Bike starts first time idles, perfectly and goes well throughout the rev range. The rattle starts off as as hardly noticeable and picks up as revs rise to 3,500. No noise if you rev the engine in neutral.
Rode today and noise was apparent in all gears. About 3km from home turned into another road and NO rattle noise through the gears??? Returned home and 2 km from home rattle appears again?
Not valves, checked fuel pump.
Any ideas what this intermittent problem could be? Something in the drivetrain ??

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Does it corrolate with speed or rpm?

Does pulling the clutch changes anything?

Yes - the rattle is related to engine speed. Off throttle or with clutch in there is no rattle. There is no rattle at idle or at high revs in neutral.

Two ideas.
(1) Clutch rattle. The old Honda fours were notorious for it. know it is different system but something could be worn or loose? Only suggest this as you said goes away when clutch pulled.
(2) Exhaust rattle. If not in engine. Loose baffles or connections. Tap entire length of exhausts very lightly at first getting heavier if no result but obviously stop short of putting dents in the exhaust. assuming you have checked tightness of all bolts and fittings.
(3) could also try tapping other parts of bike to see if you get a response but very risky for damage. Your call.

The clutch is on my list to look at but I can’t think of what might cause a rattle intermittently in the clutch. Slipper type setup or bearing?
As for exhausts I have checked them and they seem perfect. I have also checked all over for loose fittings that could cause the rattle.

If you haven’t already tried this method. If you have a mechanical stethoscope you may be able to tell where the rattle is coming from in the engine. If no stethoscope use a large screwdriver, handle pressed to your ear and blade on the motor will work almost as well. If you can tell which part of the motor it is coming from it would be a start. Intermittent problems are a pain in the arse to find. Hopefully someone has had this problem before and can tell you what to do. Good luck anyway and hope you find it before spending too much money and waste too much good riding time.
Cheers John

I know you have checked the exhaust, but if it’s a standard collector and hasn’t been apart I would check again. I had small and large pieces of the perforated steel break off and rattle around. They will rattle, stop and rattle again as exhaust gases rise and fall in volume and temperature.
I have pulled about 15 pieces out large and small. I probably should have split the collector.

Yeah - the exhaust is standard. I had the whole exhaust off last year and all seemed solid.
The rattle is also consistent in that the noise is not all over the place as one would expect from loose pieces in the exhaust. As revs rise rattle gets louder and faster which must be related to some spinning part in the engine/ clutch/ gearbox. Then sometimes it is not there.
Screwdriver test shows no odd noises when running and on sidestand.

I had a noise a few years back. Turned out to be a bent clutch plate. Biff fixed it for me. Again thanks again bill

Can you tell me what sort of noise your clutch made? By bent plate do you mean warped plate?
Lifter plate?