VF1000RF Centre Stand vs Full Trolley

So being a classic virgin I need help again:

For maintenance on the bike including adding pressure for forks etc is it best to…

•Get 2 independent paddock stands
•Get the original Honda centre stand tool
•Get a trolley and bastardise an improvised stand.

How much use would I get out of a centre stand tool?

Muchos thanks!

I use two paddock stand,the front one lifts from the head stock
I can do pretty much everything including removal of both wheels and the lower fairing.
It’s also how I check the oil level.
There is no centre stand option on the R and a honda original paddock stand would be a rare beast indeed

Happy days. I’ll get a couple of quality ones then.

I managed to get the lower fairing on+off with some wood under the side stand! Not my best moment but it worked!

As for the Honda Centre Stand Tool I thought they were a mythical beast but hoped I could find one.