VF1000RF ignition

Looking at ignition removed from one of the bikes on Scotland trip that had erratic tacho needle and was cured by changing ignition unit. There is some corrosion on the pins for the main chip, have removed the resin that dense use for anti vibration

Will try and resolder these terminals and anything else accessible. No obvious water damage or furing up so hopefully this will be enough will post image of repaired unit later.

The more resin I removed the more corrosion I found so have removed it all and re soldered all the joints. Will test later and put new resin in if it tests out ok.16001663090011877089791186524934


Good work Gary,I wonder how many units look like that inside

Tried to test unit on my bike and only remembered that mine has the two separate units as I removed seat unit, doh! Will give it a good check over and put some hot glue on to act as anti vibration and bring it along to the lake district at the weekend so Pete can test it for me. See you all on Sunday.

I have a few ignitions, both types if needed, I’m currently installing a programmable system in my project VF bike. I’m in Oz.IMG_0100

Hi taz, bike is looking good. This ignition should be fine but I’m interested in the programmable type, let us know how you get on with it and where you purchased it from.


Hi gary, thanks for taking a look at the cdi unit for me, should be good for the weekend run out assuming I get the fuel issue sorted :+1:

garyb, I have run this on my F2 for about a year, they are brilliant and inexpensive, had one on my Yamaha race bike for years, this is the spare I had2016-cw-broadford-hartwellseniors-alistairtassie-2_29762793606_o , never a problem with the unit, made by Ignitech in the Czech Republic. Programmable advance curve, facility for quickshifter, dual mapping, shift light, fuel pump control, launch control, all managed by the software you can download from them. https://ignitech.cz/en/vyrobky/tcip/tcip.htm