VF1000RG Dynojet issues

Hi everyone,

just installed a Dynojet Kit according to the manual. DJ122 (130 Keihin) main jet’s, E-clip in groove #2 from the top and everything else. My VF1000R run’s okay but way to rich. What is the next step, change the main jet’s to DJ120 (128 Keihin) or DJ118 ( that is 125 Keihin size, the Standard configuration) or lower the needle by one or two grooves?

kind regards


Hi @Klausbenno,
have you sorted the jetting yet?
When you say it runs way too rich, it’s helpful if you can work out which part of the rev range it is too rich? If it is rich from say 1/3 to 3/4 throttle then it’s not the main jets, and lowering the needles by ONE groove is worth trying before you do anything else.
Basic assumptions are that you have warmed the bike up, and your location is around the same elevation as you’ll be doing most of your riding.

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