Vf1000rg UK bike


Can anybody give me a rough idea what a fully restored
Vf1000rg UK bike would be worth ?

Cheers Rod

That, is the million dollar question, in my opinion, depending on the quality of the restoration, milage, ect, between £6000 and £8000, ( for insurance purposes probably 10k) and not everyone who coverts a vf1000r coverts the Rothman Rg,
The problem with Vf’s is it’s such a small niche market, you have to wait for the right person to come along,



Pete sounds interesting you refer to a convert i presume you mean a std colour vf1000r to a Rotherhams and which is the most sought after ?

Cheers Rod

No Pete is just saying that not everyone looking for an R is after an RG.
For example CB750s,what do people go for?
Big budget guys are chasing K0s and K1s not so interested in the last sohc F2
Horses for courses

In Germany we have TÜV. That are engineers that do a technical examination. like MOT in UK. They also do investigation on the worth/price of older cars/bikes.

I did it for my RG (German Version with dual Headlights) in Rothmans colours. It was 8800 € in the end. I guess no one will pay me that much.


Hi rod, pretty much what bif said, although the RG is rarer than RE and RF models, it dosent necessarily mean it’s worth loads more or will sell quicker than others,
My preference in order would be,

  1. red,white and blue RE and american import RF colour scheme
  2. white, blue and red RF
  3. the Rothmans RG.

In my mind these bike are really under rated, and never seem to sell for there true value compared to cbx’s, and cb1100r’s etc, I think if your selling one of these you have to be lucky, drop on the right person, with cash in pocket at the right time.