Hello from Canada and Happy New Year
My name is Bruce, and I have joined your forum. as I have been searching for a Rothmans special.

Can anyone let me know if there is a way to determine the authenticity of a Rothmans by serial numbers?
I understand that some folks have just repainted the RG too look like a Rothmans.


Not by 100% it needs to be SC16 2200… to have a 86 non US Version. It has the oil cooler.

But the decals (original vs. aftermarket) are little bit different. For example the rear seet cover VF1000R. In original it’s one piece and the outline is also in pearl colour. If it is repainted they tend to have only the letters cut from foil.
Same apllies to tank and upper fairing. the red/gold stripes are one Piece also with blue/Pearl border areas. The big HONDA/1000R on lower fairing is in Pearl colour, aftermarkt tend to be white foil.


Thank you so much


One more thing that came to my mind: fork sliders for all other except Rothmans are painted in red colour. It could be helpful to remove the dust cap and inspect the inner area. If the slider is repainted maybe someone was lazy and didin’t remove the old paint there or didn’t disassemble the fork before painting.


Here is a pic of a 100% not Rothmans :o